Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 10 Places to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Manila by SPOT.ph

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This is a nice article for all Pinoy Chocophiles from e-zine spot.ph. Check this link:
Top 10 Places to Get Your Chocolate Fix in Manila |  EAT+DRINK |  TOP LIST |  SPOT.ph:

Of all the ten places I have been to two places, well they are neighbors and have been to the place with my best friend who discovered them. Me and my friend dine at Casa Xocolat, ordered other stuff and had chocolate cake for desserts. On another occasion we went for coffee and dark chocolate cake at Chocolat.

And this place I must try soon since it is so close my work place and to think chocolates there are so reasonable:

Heavenly Chocolates
Address: Roces Center, 127 Roces Avenue, Quezon City.
Tel. No. 666-2208 
Known for: single-origin truffles (P199 for a box of six) and Sachi Black Dark Nama for serious chocoholics; a plate of pasta with chocolate sauce called Montezuma (P150) Heavenly Chocolates serves chocolate drinks with cacao origins from Ecuador, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, and Peru, as well as Sachi Nama chocolates from Japan. To educate chocoholics, resident chocolatier Benjamin Pedro also conducts monthly chocolate appreciation workshops where chocolate junkies are taken through the origins and history of cacao, and concludes in a decadent chocolate tasting.  Adventurous chocolate addicts will also find their Montezuma (P150) a must-try: bittersweet chocolate is poured over a plate of penne pasta with bacon bits and shallots. They also have Claypot lunches--stir-fried claypot meals in cocoa butter--with options to go Chinese-style with the Pork-Yam rice, Portuguese with the Garlic Beef Strips or Spanish with the Arroz con Pollo, all starting at P120 each.

Also, I am considering attending their chocolate appreciation workshop one of these days. It must be fun!


  1. I've read a blog post too about this workshop I think it must be really good. I emailed Benjamin Pedro about it. Hope that I can get a spot in his workshop.

  2. hi this the link of my post about the Choco Appreciation session last Saturday - http://pinoychocophile.blogspot.com/2012/06/triple-crown-of-single-origin-cacao.html it will be their anniversary next month so hope to see you there - hoping they conduct another session...


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