Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swiss Chocolate

From the website of Chococsuisse ( I read and am sharing here these information:

"Swiss chocolate" is a completely conched chocolate or chocolate mixture made of cocoa beans, cocoa mixture, cocoa butter, sugar and in some cases milk, manufactured entirely in Switzerland. Otherwise the use of the "Swiss chocolate" label at home and abroad has to comply with the "clarity principle". This presupposes that any partial processing outside of Switzerland (e.g. shaping or packaging of the product) is explicitly stated on the package.

Owing to the excellent reputation of genuine Swiss chocolate, it comes as no surprise that it is constantly brazenly copied outside of Switzerland. CHOCOSUISSE has resolutely fought against the unlawful use of the "Swiss chocolate" label throughout the world for many years now and has been successful in the process.

This frequently asked question fills the Swiss chocolate industry with pride although the assessment behind it is somewhat subjective. However, it is a fact that the products of the Swiss chocolate industry number among the best in the world.

The high quality of Swiss chocolate is due to a number of factors. What is decisive is the perfect quality of raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods combined with the strict quality requirements to be satisfied by the intermediate products. Not to forget the optimal processing into finished products and highly skilled personnel.

Approximately 93'975 tonnes of chocolate products (including imports but excluding cocoa and chocolate powder) was consumed in Switzerland in 2010. Based on an average population of 7,8 million means Switzerland has an average per capita consumption of 12,0 kg, in other words ranking it first among the consumer countries. However, it should be borne in mind that this figure also includes the purchases of people vacationing in Switzerland and those who drive over the border just to buy Swiss chocolate.

And for those interested to find out the Swiss brands of chocolates check this link:

Chocology is a booklet free to download for those who would like to know more of the history of  Swiss chocolate industry. Check this link:

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