Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Chocolate Dictionary, defining yet anew!

A book published by the author.

Another link to check and savor

The Chocolate Dictionary:

So I came across these terms about chocolate I find chocoliciously creative... example:

‘Chocomania: The condition of being enthralled by chocolates. The fact that it cannot be cured should not necessarily be seen as a cause for concern.’

Below is how the author Bruno D’Arcy describes his blog:


Welcome to my blog – a dictionary of chocolate words you always knew were there but didn’t know where to look. So glad you have arrived!

INGREDIENTS: An unctuous array of yummy definitions, illustrated with examples from history and modern times.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Whether it’s succulent milk chocolates you love, or thickly coated snack bars, expensive truffles and ganaches, pralines, marzipans, or anything else lusciously cocoa themed, I am sure you will find something here to expand and enrich your vocabulary.

GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION: To fully enjoy The Chocolate Dictionary, dip in and sample what’s on offer just as you would your favourite box of chocolates.

WARNING: This dictionary contains nuts and dairy products. If you suffer from allergies to any of these products please consult a physician before reading further.

BEST BEFORE: There is no date limit before which The Chocolate Dictionary must be read, but to avoid disappointment it is best read as soon as possible.

FOR THOSE WANTING MORE: Why not try The Language of Chocolates, a little book I wrote a few years ago, and from which much of the inspiration for this blog came? If interested, please click on the image below (under RECENT COMMENTS) for the link. Or read the enticing review hereby London-based food writer Jenny Linford.

SLIGHT DISCLAIMER: Although I am neither an etymologist nor a linguist I can admit to being an amateur lexicographer, at least in the way Samuel Johnson defined one: “A writer of dictionaries (a harmless drudge), that busies himself in tracing the original, and detailing the signification of words”. Except that I don’t trace the originals, I devise them.

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