Monday, April 30, 2012

Villa del Conte Cioccolato

Saw Villa del Conte chocolate stall at Trinoma and purchased a small box to try my nose and tongue at chocolate tasting. I like the mint flavor of the praline stick but I was not able to distinguish the macadamia flavor of the praline ball. I still have to try the praline stick in banana flavor. But when I was made to taste their sampler I think it has strong banana flavor in it which is quite nice. I also got two pieces of their ovicini.

Their packaging is quite impressive. It seems though that they do not produce chocolate bars, only pralines. I like to try their gianduja next time.

For more information about the chocolate check this link -

Also I created a pinterest board for the chocolate here -

                                                                                      Source: Uploaded by user via pete on Pinterest

Updated (8 October 2012)

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Love, chocolate and other addictions 
WILD CARD INSIDE By Cai Subijano (The Philippine Star) Updated October 07, 2012 12:00 AM

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fruity Chocolate Pancake Recipe

Source of this post is -

Hotel Chocolat is a British cocoa grower and chocolate maker. We stick close to our mantra of founding principles – authenticity, originality and ethics – and we do it with creativity and a good dollop of British style and wit. We hope you’ll get to know us better through our blog.

Ease of preparation: Easy
Preparation time: 10 mins
Standing time: 2 hours
Cooking time: 3 mins
  1. Beat eggs and milk together
  2. Add sugar and cocoa powder, then flour.
  3. Pass through a sieve and chill for 2 hours.
  4. In a small frying pan, heat a knob of butter until it’s sizzling.
  5. Ladle in enough mix to thinly cover the base of the pan and to a depth of about 3mm.
  6. When the top starts to firm up flip over and cook other side for about 2 mins. If pancake sticks to ceiling, peel off and start again…
  7. Sprinkle a fine layer of classic Liquid Chocolat™ over pancake.
  8. Remove from heat and set aside. Repeat until you’ve used all of the mix.
  9. When all the pancakes are cooked use an 8cm round cutter to cut out little pancakes.
To Serve
To serve put one pancake in the centre of a small plate, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a few blueberries, then place another pancake on top and repeat. Top with a third pancake and serve to gasps of amazement.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Online Chocolate Store - Choconature

Welcome to or ChocoNat: Home of "The Wellness Chocolate". You will love the taste of our artisan, Raw, organic and fair trade dark chocolate.  

Read more here -

Disclosure - I am not being paid to promote this product/services. I just saw it online and I am posting it here on my blog. Discretion is up to readers to patronize or not. Again I am not endorsing, I just like to post it here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

About Blog Chocolate

Life’s hard … chocolate helps.
This is a blog about chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.
Alyssa and Sandra are certifiable chocoholics and thrilled to host the chocolate destination on the internet (ranked as one of the top 10 chocolate blogs on the web!).  At Blog Chocolate we’ll ponder all things chocolate. Sometimes we’ll offer sweet product reviews. If they are unsolicited we’ll let you know. If they are not, we’ll let you know that too – because who could pass up free chocolate? Seriously.
We spell like Canadians but our chocolate tastes extend far beyond our border.
Check the link here -

A new found blog which I will definitely read.

By the way check out my pinoychocophile magazine here - it looks much more better now -

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chocolate tasting by Bryn Kirk

Bryn Kirk gives advice on how to taste test and evaluate chocolate. Kirk runs for people that want to add to their knowledge and enjoyment of chocolate. iPhone video by Michael Sears.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alert white & dark chocolates

News6 new results for white+dark chocolates
Indulge in mouthwatering goodies this Easter
Times of India
On offer is the Easter bunny moulded in both dark chocolate and white chocolate accompanied by mouth-watering cross buns, chocolate pastry, marzipan and marshmallows in three sizes. The choicest traditional delicacies will be available at their pastry ...
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Choc-full of great ideas
Fraser Coast Chronicle
Lindt Gold Bunny 100g - Available in milk, dark or white chocolate. On sale at Kmart until Saturday. Cadbury Caskets Freddo 120g-140g $4.98 - Available in Caramello or Koala. On sale at Big W until Saturday. Caramel Hunting Eggs 600g $6.99 - European ...
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White Chocolate Coconut Easter Nests
Babble (blog)
My White Chocolate Easter Nests are also vegan. I found some white chocolate chips online (also in many kosher supermarkets) and was excited to make "white" nests for once – when usually I was stuck making dark chocolate nests.
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Babble (blog)
As another Easter Sunday approaches, remembering the ones gone by
New York Daily News
Check. A rainbow of jellybeans? Check. And the best treat of all — marshmallow eggs in dark chocolate coating? Check. "You knew you were over the hill when all you got was the chocolate cross instead of a basket," my sister recalled.
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New York Daily News
Healthy Easter basket alternatives
Fox News
If you absolutely must have chocolate, opt for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, many of which are lost in the processing that creates milk and white chocolate. Although dark chocolate offers some health benefits, include only ...
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Easter a busy time of year for The C Shop
Blaine Northern Light
More than 100 unique varieties of chocolate rabbits are currently available at Birch Bay's C Shop. The boutique offers chocolate treats for every budget and palate – starting as low as $3, and available in white, milk and dark chocolate.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates

With my continued search for chocolate I came across this link and came to know about Theo and Philo's:

I came to know about his facebook page and posted on his wall is a Philippine Star article written about him. But the link is not working anymore/cant be accessed -

However the article below was accessed through google/web cache through this shortened link-

For love and chocolate
By Ida Anita Q. del Mundo (The Philippine Star) Updated March 11, 2012 12:00 AM  

MANILA, Philippines - From the looks of the nondescriptbuilding on a narrow, vehicle-packed street in Binondo, one would never imagine that premium artisan chocolates are made in this building. But, walk up the stairs to the fourth floor, turn a corner and – even from the corridor – you are immediately greeted by the aroma of chocolate and you know you are in the right place.

Nothing about Philo Chua’s background would hint that he would turn out making fine artisan chocolates under the brand name Theo and Philo. In fact, he confesses, “My favorite ice cream flavor when I was a kid was strawberry.”

Graduating from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Computer Science, Philo went on to pursue a master’s degree in Entertainment Technology in the US and worked in the IT industry for a time.

It was when he was studying in Pittsburgh that his interest in chocolates began. “I learned how to cook, then I started baking a lot with chocolate,” he shares.

A shop also opened in his area that sold single origin chocolates. “Single origin chocolates are those whose beans come from just one source,” Philo explains. These special chocolates have distinct tastes, depending on where the beans originate. This had become all the rage, he says, likening the trend to coffee and wine tastings from different regions.

Becoming a regular at the store, Philo noticed that cacao came from places like Ecuador and Madagascar – all tropical countries. “It’s interesting and ironic that the best chocolates are European – like Swiss and French – but they cannot grow their own cacao.”

Realizing that there are also cacao farmers in the Philippines, and seeing that there were no single origin chocolates available from the country, Philo decided, “This could be a niche market that I could get into.”

Reading an article about an entrepreneur who started a chocolate business on his own without any background in the industry was what made Philo believe that he, too, could become successful in this new enterprise. Thus, in 2007, Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates was born, but Philo himself admits that at the time, “It was still a half-baked idea.”

With some basic knowledge of how to make chocolate which he learned off the Internet, Philo started to develop his product. It was very challenging, he says, especially because in the Philippines the more commonly known process is making compound chocolates, which use vegetable fat instead of cocoa butter.

“Some of the suppliers did not even know what vanilla was,” says Philo, adding that he had purchased the wrong machines many times as well. “It really has been a learning experience.”

Producing single origin chocolates, all ingredients used for Philo and Theo products are sourced from the Philippines, except for a few that are unavailable in the country. The cacao beans are from Davao.

“Philippine cacao has a stronger flavor,” Philo says. “Cacao from other countries is more fruity... Philippine cacao is very robust and earthy.”

Theo and Philo’s first two products – milk chocolate and 70 percent dark chocolate – were launched in 2010 and were met with good reviews. “Finally we have our own chocolate,” was one of the positive remarks from those who tried it.

“The feedback was encouraging, but we only had two products,” Philo adds.

Thinking of ways to expand the business, Philo considered targeting premium bakers. But since he could only produce small batches at a time, he would not be able to meet their demand or offer a competitive price compared to imported baking chocolate available on the market.

Philo then thought of making chocolate candies, but a friend approached him with an idea – flavored chocolate. “This was something I was also planning, but for later on,” says Philo. With his friend’s urging, however, the idea of flavored chocolates was pushed to the forefront.

The idea took off and now Theo and Philo has a growing fanbase for its unique flavors. Most of their flavors are a take on classic combinations, with a Filipino twist.

There’s the traditional citrus-chocolate pairing made unique with calamansi, Philo’s personal favorite. The Mexican hot chocolate with chili, a flavor that is becoming quite popular today, is given a Filipino makeover as dark chocolate with siling labuyo.

The Theo and Philo version of a crunch bar comes with pili and pinipig. Their original bestseller was the barako chocolate which has a strong coffee flavor and an interesting texture, with actual ground coffee beans mixed into the chocolate.

The current bestseller, however, is perhaps the most Filipino of all Theo and Philo flavors and is even more interesting: dark chocolate with green mango and salt. The bittersweet chocolate – surprisingly – goes perfectly with the sour bite of green mango bits, balanced off by a little kick of salt.

“There’s no in between for this one,” says Philo. “You either love it or you hate it.” With more and more people developing a taste for the adventurous, the flavor has become a top seller.

“Ever since I started with these, people have been texting me or approaching me with random ideas for new flavors,” says Philo.

Coming up with flavors is still a hit or miss experimental process, which Philo does himself.

Graphic design being one of his hobbies, he also created the packaging for the chocolates on his own – a design detail that truly elevates the product to a level of elegance way above the normal chocolate bar.

“It is both encouraging and rewarding to see the positive response,” says Philo. He still considers himself very new to the industry and is just starting to scale up the business to meet growing consumer demands. Aside from adding new flavors to the line, Philo hopes to set up a small store of his own.

Meantime, chocoholics can find Theo and Philo products at the Echostore in Serendra, Team Manila in the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, and Human Nature stores, among other outlets.

Another important plan in the works for Theo and Philo is a tie up with Gawad Kalinga, which will potentially create sustainable livelihood for cacao farmers and help support the community.

“It was serendipity,” Philo says of his foray into the chocolate industry and his success in capturing taste buds with the now popular flavored chocolates.

Pondering on the reason why people love chocolate so much, Philo muses, “There is really a mystery and romance behind chocolate.”

Quoting the popular line from Forest Gump, he adds, “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Further, he explains, the name Theo and Philo – while obviously referring to his own name, and is a little nod to Ateneans who had to take Philo and Theo subjects – was also chosen because philo means love and theo is short for theobroma, another name for chocolate.

Playing off of the excitement and mystique of this “food for the gods,” Theo and Philo really does offer us Love and Chocolate.

Monday, April 23, 2012

International Chocolate Awards 2012

Launching in 2012, the International Chocolate Awards is a new scheme set to recognise the best fine quality chocolate from around the world.


The International Chocolate Awards are a new initiative for 2012 launched by Martin Christy of Seventy% and Kate Johns of Chocolate Week.

Kate and Martin first had the idea for chocolate awards back at the beginning of 2004. When the Academy of Chocolate was formed in the UK, they were a key part of the team that developed and ran the awards. These awards have been very successful but Kate and Martin felt that there was a need for truly international awards

The International Chocolate Awards are an independent organisation, partnering with fine chocolate experts and organisations in different countries with independent verification and oversight.

The result is the new International Chocolate Awards. The first year’s Awards will run in 2012 in Italy, the UK and the USA with other countries in progress. The first Grand Final will be held in Chocolate Week in the London in October. In future years the final will rotate around different locations.

The International Chocolate Awards are completely independent of any other fine chocolate organisation, but will work with associations and other partners in each particpating country.

Read more here -

Entry link here -

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chocolate Scientist tells about choco

Watch and see the story of chocolate as related by a chocolate scientist....

Friday, April 20, 2012

Alert chocolate truffles

News6 new results for chocolate truffles
French chocolate for your holiday delight
The prized recipe was for chocolate truffles, he recalled last week, in a conversation at the French Tart on North Railroad Avenue. After graduating from culinary school in Nice, in the south of France, Chavenet "started to do chocolate" with Jacques ...
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Building Easter Baskets For Kids and Adults
Adults tend to prefer milk and dark chocolate. You can also add touches like chocolate covered Oreos, pretzels or rice crispies treats. Chocolate truffles come in a number of flavors. She said that you can cater to your recipient's tastes or add ...
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Where chocolate lovers can find paradise
Globe and Mail
The Salon du Chocolat tours around the world to more than a dozen cities, from well-established chocolate capitals like Paris to markets that are just discovering the wonders of luxury truffles, such as Shanghai. This year was the first time the fair ...
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Globe and Mail
However, Jones has raised the bar in one sparkling stroke with her hand-made champagne-infused truffles "enrobed" in edible 24-carat gold flakes and presented in a crystal-encrusted box. The brand she founded with husband Ron, the Chocolate, ...
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The Nut Shop in Woodbury is preparing to fill Easter baskets with seasonal treats
Gloucester County Times -
Variety: The Nut House carries a full line of chocolates, including handmade truffles, nonpareils, butter creams, fudge and chocolate-covered items such as pretzels, candies and Peeps. The shop also carries a full line of nuts, trail mixes, and sugar-, ...
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Gloucester County Times -
Basket cases: Candy purveyors serve all Easter budgets
Memphis Commercial Appeal
Luckily, there are plenty of local, handcrafted chocolates there and in other shops around town available in just about all price ranges. For Barbara Morris, though, Dinstuhl's will always be the place. She bought her son's Easter basket there in 1967 ...
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tablets and treats - Pierre Marcolini

Chocolate in my tasteline, I mean lined up for tasting.... so for now I just have to drool, drivel, dribble, slobber... salivate, salivate, and salivate some more....check the link...


All the art of selecting and roasting outstanding cocoa beans to give our customers a unique taste experience is concentrated in our chocolates. Pierre Marcolini is the only chocolatier in Belgium and one of the very few in Europe to make his own chocolate bringing out the best flavours for all his creations. The tablets let you to try very rare beans and revamped classics. A real initiation to the craft of an exceptional chocolatier.


Let yourself be bewitched by the mouth-watering sight of a square of chocolate lightly sprinkled with candied fruit and nuts. Pierre has worked on the complementarity between the flavours and textures of each ingredient and his homemade chocolate. A real delight.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Second Attempt at Chocofudge, a Choco-dish-saster

I saw from you tube two recipes of making a choco fudge. So I tried mixing them in a single preparation in making my own version of  a choco fudge.

The first attempt produced  a watery choco fudge since I have put a lot of liquids: a liquid milk and a liquid chocolate milk drink from tetra packs so it turned out a syrupy mix. I even put some graham chocolate biscuit hoping to make a ref cake or a tiramisu perhaps, but the syrupy mixed just turned out to be a spread for the biscuit with a sauce when put inside the ref.

Still having lots of the choco mixture in the pan, I got a packet of powdered potato, the one they used  in making mashed potato so I ended up with a chocolate mashed potato, hahahah… 

Well it turned out nice though, it resembles like (in taste and color) the rice cake mom would make. It is a delicacy from her province in Bicol she calls it hinagum. Mom even have story about this delicacy that  is made by men and women during rice harvest time. The event is made as a romantic opportunity, or teasing for singles for them to become closer to the person they admire. Anyway back to my chocolate fudge...

So those were my two output for my first attempt. The second attempt…

I discovered how tootsie roll is made. I made a sticky chocolate mix instead of a choco fudge supposed to be. Well the mixture got so sticky, at first I thought it was a success. I believe my mixture lack milk and more of the cocoa and marshmallow   that made it too sticky. Part of the mistake could be the use of heated butter to dissolve sugar and  additional sugar and powdered milk added to the mixture when it was already boiling. I am not sure really but I had my own version of tootsie roll.

that's how sticky it gets....

With the pan full of sticking left over chocolate,  I put water inside the pan and heated  it and so the choco got dissolved in the process. With the boiling choco I soaked and dissolved the sticking choco on the utensils I used. So I got a a choco drink. No waste!

For  my next and third attempt I think it will be a success, I hope. But with my foray  to chocolate fudge making and committing mistakes, I think I am discovering potential recipe for ganache, plausible excuse for disasters…

The choco experiment and creativity continue,  come back for more…

Hey I forget to mention the fudges I made, all of them  tasted good.

Choco Cheers!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alert Chocolatier, chocolate shops, chocolate stores

News6 new results for Chocolatier, chocolate shops, chocolate stores
Chocolatier has sweet spot for D.R.
New York Daily News
By Ana Sofia Pelaez / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Some of the chocolate products that are manufactured on site. Cacao Prieto, a chocolate factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 218 Conover St. (Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News) Cacao Prieto's spirits include the Don ...
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New York Daily News
Local candy makers offer sweet treats in time for Easter
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Operations manager Conor Foley, left, helps production manager Greg Muckle pour a batch of Almond Butter Toffee at the Edward Marc Chocolatier shop in Trafford. Lilia Spalding and Marie Miller place coffee beans on the White Chocolate Mocha Meltaways ...
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Pope donates huge chocolate Easter egg
Bryan College Station Eagle
AP Pope Benedict XVI was presented Wednesday with an enormous, 250-kilogram (550-pound), 2.2-meter (7.2-foot) tall chocolate Easter egg by Italian chocolatier Tosca, which specializes in oversized cocoa confections. The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore ...
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'World's first' chocolate kimono planned for Japan
TOKYO — A US chocolatier will unveil what is being billed as the world's first chocolate kimono at its new outlet in Japan later this month -- but the unusual garment is not for sweet-toothed customers. About a third of the dye for the silk kimono, ...
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A la Carte: Chocolatier Blue Parlor in Berkeley, Pinky's 2.0 in Walnut Creek
San Jose Mercury News
Berkeley artisanal chocolatier Christopher Blue must agree, because he's just opened his newest venture, Chocolatier Blue Parlor, on Fourth Street. It's in the old chocolate shop site, with a kitchen headed up by pastry chef Danyelle Forte and a menu ...
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A Bevy of Bunnies Abounds at Brummer's
The chocolate is made from a recipe that has been in the family for over a century. This is the shop's busiest time of year, Brummer said, and its hours will be extended throughout the holiday weekend. Today, the store will remain open until 7 pm ...
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Chocolate connoisseur wannabe

this wheel represents the possible tastes of chocolate and its ranges of sub-tastes...

Chocolate connoisseur  wannabe, go and click this link to learn about chocolate tasting:

One Golden Ticket: Tasting Reference:

and this -

and this -

or this -

so if you are planning to become one, do not forget me, do invite me when you do your chocolate tasting....

I came to know that there chocolate appreciation session being held here in Manila as well, hope to attend one of those sessions in the near future, meanwhile I read to taste those chocolates... mentally... yes, mental notes of chocolate tastes.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The World’s Worst Chocolate Bars

You might not find this link taste-bitter, but I invite you to check it out:

The World’s Worst Chocolate Bars, Part 2 « cocoa content blog:

We have the best but some would say there are the worst of them as well. So find out from the link why some considers other chocolate as worst. What about you have you tasted such kind of chocolate?

And what about the list below, do you agree?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Chocolate Dictionary, defining yet anew!

A book published by the author.

Another link to check and savor

The Chocolate Dictionary:

So I came across these terms about chocolate I find chocoliciously creative... example:

‘Chocomania: The condition of being enthralled by chocolates. The fact that it cannot be cured should not necessarily be seen as a cause for concern.’

Below is how the author Bruno D’Arcy describes his blog:


Welcome to my blog – a dictionary of chocolate words you always knew were there but didn’t know where to look. So glad you have arrived!

INGREDIENTS: An unctuous array of yummy definitions, illustrated with examples from history and modern times.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Whether it’s succulent milk chocolates you love, or thickly coated snack bars, expensive truffles and ganaches, pralines, marzipans, or anything else lusciously cocoa themed, I am sure you will find something here to expand and enrich your vocabulary.

GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION: To fully enjoy The Chocolate Dictionary, dip in and sample what’s on offer just as you would your favourite box of chocolates.

WARNING: This dictionary contains nuts and dairy products. If you suffer from allergies to any of these products please consult a physician before reading further.

BEST BEFORE: There is no date limit before which The Chocolate Dictionary must be read, but to avoid disappointment it is best read as soon as possible.

FOR THOSE WANTING MORE: Why not try The Language of Chocolates, a little book I wrote a few years ago, and from which much of the inspiration for this blog came? If interested, please click on the image below (under RECENT COMMENTS) for the link. Or read the enticing review hereby London-based food writer Jenny Linford.

SLIGHT DISCLAIMER: Although I am neither an etymologist nor a linguist I can admit to being an amateur lexicographer, at least in the way Samuel Johnson defined one: “A writer of dictionaries (a harmless drudge), that busies himself in tracing the original, and detailing the signification of words”. Except that I don’t trace the originals, I devise them.

Check this link:

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