Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Second Attempt at Chocofudge, a Choco-dish-saster

I saw from you tube two recipes of making a choco fudge. So I tried mixing them in a single preparation in making my own version of  a choco fudge.

The first attempt produced  a watery choco fudge since I have put a lot of liquids: a liquid milk and a liquid chocolate milk drink from tetra packs so it turned out a syrupy mix. I even put some graham chocolate biscuit hoping to make a ref cake or a tiramisu perhaps, but the syrupy mixed just turned out to be a spread for the biscuit with a sauce when put inside the ref.

Still having lots of the choco mixture in the pan, I got a packet of powdered potato, the one they used  in making mashed potato so I ended up with a chocolate mashed potato, hahahah… 

Well it turned out nice though, it resembles like (in taste and color) the rice cake mom would make. It is a delicacy from her province in Bicol she calls it hinagum. Mom even have story about this delicacy that  is made by men and women during rice harvest time. The event is made as a romantic opportunity, or teasing for singles for them to become closer to the person they admire. Anyway back to my chocolate fudge...

So those were my two output for my first attempt. The second attempt…

I discovered how tootsie roll is made. I made a sticky chocolate mix instead of a choco fudge supposed to be. Well the mixture got so sticky, at first I thought it was a success. I believe my mixture lack milk and more of the cocoa and marshmallow   that made it too sticky. Part of the mistake could be the use of heated butter to dissolve sugar and  additional sugar and powdered milk added to the mixture when it was already boiling. I am not sure really but I had my own version of tootsie roll.

that's how sticky it gets....

With the pan full of sticking left over chocolate,  I put water inside the pan and heated  it and so the choco got dissolved in the process. With the boiling choco I soaked and dissolved the sticking choco on the utensils I used. So I got a a choco drink. No waste!

For  my next and third attempt I think it will be a success, I hope. But with my foray  to chocolate fudge making and committing mistakes, I think I am discovering potential recipe for ganache, plausible excuse for disasters…

The choco experiment and creativity continue,  come back for more…

Hey I forget to mention the fudges I made, all of them  tasted good.

Choco Cheers!


  1. Practice makes perfect :) More post about chocolates.

  2. Choco overload <3 chocolate is one of the things that makes me feel happy and calm ^^

  3. this is a choco attack!! haha looks really tempting!! im on diet but i always have dark chocolate in the morning or whenever i wanted as long as its dark as in like 40% up cocoa hehe

  4. At least nothing has gone to waste. Hope your next experiment will be successful next time!

  5. I was very amused with your experimentation. :) At least you've tried -- you'll never know, you might indeed mix up a new breed of chocolate. :P

  6. ?If you still can't perfect choco fudge, there is one that you can buy at Chocolate lovers, the best for cakes, brownies and dips and some other uses.
    But there is always the first time, and more tries but heck , we always learn from mistakes, you could try other links in you tube thoug, good luck!

  7. cool experimentation. i would say it is perfect already!

  8. I like the chocolate mashed taters idea. will try this for my little boy's snack,haha! Well,I have been cooking and practicing for a long time, in fact most of the food goes straight into the trash can but i don't stop from there..And yes, practice makes perfect.

  9. Go lang ng go! As people always say, practice makes perfect. Besides, for me, if it already tastes good, it's 90% done. :)


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