Monday, April 23, 2012

International Chocolate Awards 2012

Launching in 2012, the International Chocolate Awards is a new scheme set to recognise the best fine quality chocolate from around the world.


The International Chocolate Awards are a new initiative for 2012 launched by Martin Christy of Seventy% and Kate Johns of Chocolate Week.

Kate and Martin first had the idea for chocolate awards back at the beginning of 2004. When the Academy of Chocolate was formed in the UK, they were a key part of the team that developed and ran the awards. These awards have been very successful but Kate and Martin felt that there was a need for truly international awards

The International Chocolate Awards are an independent organisation, partnering with fine chocolate experts and organisations in different countries with independent verification and oversight.

The result is the new International Chocolate Awards. The first year’s Awards will run in 2012 in Italy, the UK and the USA with other countries in progress. The first Grand Final will be held in Chocolate Week in the London in October. In future years the final will rotate around different locations.

The International Chocolate Awards are completely independent of any other fine chocolate organisation, but will work with associations and other partners in each particpating country.

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