Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tablets and treats - Pierre Marcolini

Chocolate in my tasteline, I mean lined up for tasting.... so for now I just have to drool, drivel, dribble, slobber... salivate, salivate, and salivate some more....check the link...


All the art of selecting and roasting outstanding cocoa beans to give our customers a unique taste experience is concentrated in our chocolates. Pierre Marcolini is the only chocolatier in Belgium and one of the very few in Europe to make his own chocolate bringing out the best flavours for all his creations. The tablets let you to try very rare beans and revamped classics. A real initiation to the craft of an exceptional chocolatier.


Let yourself be bewitched by the mouth-watering sight of a square of chocolate lightly sprinkled with candied fruit and nuts. Pierre has worked on the complementarity between the flavours and textures of each ingredient and his homemade chocolate. A real delight.

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