Monday, April 9, 2012

Manila Peninsula - Chocolate Buffet

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I finally saw the article online  I've read offline about Manila Peninsula's Chocolate Buffet. But aside from being a chocolicious story the human interest that captures my chocolicious heart is the hotel's affirmative action or  equal employment opportunity by employing differently abled staff.  Quoting inquirer lifestyle ( :

Chocoholics may not be aware of it, but these perfect confections are produced by the hotel’s famous Chocolate Girls who have less than perfect hearing.  Parcenet Llaet and Estelita Marcial, both of them deaf, allow their creamy creations to speak for them and proclaim their unique abilities.

Llaet and Marcial are skilled graduates of the Philippine School for the Deaf and the National Education Center. The two have reached their status as master chocolatiers because of their passion to learn from the best pastry chefs of the hotel. As most of the hotel guests can attest, being hearing-impaired has not prevented these girls from becoming the best chocolate artisans around.

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