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Whittaker's Dark Block

To make great chocolate you need great ingredients. After that you need people who work with those ingredients like artisans - controlling all processes from beans to bar. We source these cocoa beans fresh from Ghana. We then batch roast them here in New Zealand. This dedication creates chocolate with a taste and texture that has made Whittaker's famous for quality since 1896.
                                                             - Andrew and Brian Whittaker

My first chocolate from New Zealand and it was a pleasant choco-experience. I found the review below online and I totally agree with it. Sweet-bitter, with strong sweet cocoa smell, no lingering bitter after-taste, and silky. Thanks to my friend Mel for making me taste this fine chocolate. 

Grade -  Excellent
Posted on Jun 15, 2011
Reviews: 1 
Pros: Taste smooth and healthier then other chocolates
Cons: a bit hard to find, Foodland stocks sometimes
Overall: Whittakers Dark chocolate block is the tastiest dark chocolate around and it's good for you so they tell me. Whittakers is little known but i think it just tastes great and no bitter kickback. The kiwis got this one right....
Whittakers Bittersweet Dark is recommended by big_trev
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Company Overview

James Henry Whittaker got his taste for chocolate when he was just 14 years old, working in the British confectionery industry. He arrived in New Zealand in 1890 and began manufacturing confectionery from his home in Christchurch just six years later, selling his chocolate direct to his customers by horse and van.

In 1913, Whittaker established a partnership with his two sons, Ronald and James. Thus, J.H. Whittaker & Sons was created, with a base in Wellington and a mission to bring the Whittakers' fine confectionery to the rest of New Zealand.

The business took off, prospering at a steady rate during the war years. In 1931, Woolworths Australia opened stores in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin and we were selected to supply them with a wide range of confectionery.

J.H. Whittaker & Sons became a limited liability company in 1937, and the Whittakers still own the business: third-generation Whittakers Andrew and Brian are the sole shareholders.

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  1. I love dark chocolates! Yumm na, healthy pa.

    Rizza (beingwell)

    1. True, medical science reports dark chocolates health benefits... so kain pa ng chocolates hehehe...


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