Saturday, May 19, 2012

US Chocolate History on You Tube

I think this video should be titled more aptly as the History of Chocolate in the US, rather than History of Chocolate. Particularly the latter parts of the video is a documentary of chocolate business enterprises in the United States of America.

Wow, so drinking chocolate in the US was an expression of anti-British sentiments, British are known to be  tea drinkers, as clamor for independence grew, so it got expressed as well into a national past time of  drinking chocolates instead of tea. They even have chocolate salons then like the tea and coffeehouses of this time.

The History Of Chocolate Part 1 of 4

Clay Gordon: conditioned culturally to like chocolate: Valentines, Christmas, Easter...  

Joan Steuer: Chocolates strikes the strongest emotional memory chord on any food...

The History Of Chocolate Part 2 of 4

This part of the video discusses the progress of a 5cent Hershey's chocolate bar that democratized access to what used to be a luxury food. By adding milk and producing milk chocolate, uses lesser cocoa so it the finished product was more affordable to a mass market. Then kisses got introduced...

The History Of Chocolate Part 3 of 4

Chocolate factories shutdown during summer so a new chocolate was created the M&Ms, melts in your mouth....

Ingenuity, even soldiers are provided their chocolate ration that does not melt with the temperature of the tropics... when chocolates goes to war the soldiers get fed for their sweet cravings hmmm...

When packaging literally matters, so boxes of chocolates were made beautifully to enhance chocolate makers image and make their products compete with others out in the market. So the Whitman's sampler box of chocolates became popular.

The History Of Chocolate Part 4 of 4

Hershey's no advertising department and TV commercials in the early 60's. But it came up with a slogan, a "creative piece of genius" of Hershey's as the great American chocolate bar.

So movies was used as an ad campaing, Reese's choco chips were used to lure E.T., I forgot that part, or I can't remember the brand used, but for Americans it must be something they can easily identify. Besides I think I am not so found of Reese chocolate.

It is fun time for chocolate, its popularity continue to grow, most importantly by artisan chocolate makers. Not the mass produced ones but premium and quality made by artisans, these are quality chocolates most of the time dark chocolates that pride for its cocoa content and source or origin.

Clay Gordon: ... we have this special notion of chocolate that grows out of childhood experiences, as adults what we perceive to be our favorite chocolates are often very rooted in these emotional experiences we have in childhood.

The best chocolate is the one tht you love the most...

Enough with watching and writing history of chocolate, time for me to do my tasting or rather eating....

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