Friday, May 18, 2012

Slavery in the Cocoa Industry

A spoiler to eating sweet chocolate is the bitter reality in these videos that will definitely leave some bile after taste to our choco sweetened palate after watching them. Indeed the call for a fair trade in the chocolate industry should be a concern for us chocophiles.

Below are several video docus that show slavery in the cocoa industry. For that reason some advocates for a fair trade chocolates. Or cocoa products that were planted, harvested and processed for export without  the use of slave, trafficked children or child labor. It is one of the biggest issues in the cocoa industry - slave or child labor.

The proverbial drink and food of the Gods and nobility seems true after all especially in this case of  slave/ child labor from third world countries in particular Africa. Serving to benefit the interest of chocolate makers in making big profits from their young lives spent at work. And their sweat, blood, life is licked out of them to provide sweet and life pleasure to first world consumers to satisfy their cravings for chocolates.

Fair trade in chocolates!

The Dark Side of Chocolate


Music video from the documentary above

Video campaign for a fair trade chocolate. Take action by passing this video along to friends and family, buying fair trade products, and sign petitions at: and/or

... we have become slaves because of cocoa...

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