Sunday, May 6, 2012

No Chinese word for chocolate

Historically, there is no Chinese word for chocolate. It is only now that the word chocolate is getting prominence as big chocolate businesses are wanting to capture a big Chinese market for chocolate. Why is that? Well China has a long tradition of tea drinking and when chocolate was first introduced in Asia  by European colonizers and traders it is by way of chocolate drink.

Today chocolate bars and sweets are gaining ground into the Chinese palates. And promoting chocolate is through a theme park called Chocolate Wonderland, a place solely dedicated to chocolate.

Here was a news about it:

BEIJING, Jan. 25 --The Chocolate Wonderland will finally open to the public on the square at the north side of the Bird's Nest Stadium on January 29th.
As the first chocolate theme park in China, the Chocolate Wonderland will feature artifacts made from 80,000 kilograms of chocolate.
Aside from enjoying a visual feast of chocolate-made famous Chinese sculptures, visitors will also be able to learn how to make chocolate and taste their creations during the three-month display.
The 20,000-square-meter chocolate wonderland consists of five indoor halls, including the World's Chocolate Hall, World's Candy Hall, Wonderland Theme Hall, Sweet Experience Hall and Sweet Gift Hall, and outdoor activity areas Sweet Stage and Sweet Shopping Street.
The chocolate exhibition includes the largest chocolate replica of the Great Wall in the world; life-sized chocolate replicas of the Terracotta Warriors and chocolate waterfalls.
Zheng Yaoting, general manager of Beijing-based Artsource Planning Company, says all the chocolate comes from Belgium, and costs more than 200 yuan a kilo.
A regular ticket for the Chocolate Wonderland will cost 80 yuan, while it will be 60 yuan for the elderly and other concessionary groups. 

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