Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chocablog Tasting Notes

I need to learn the way chocablog.com, or Asleigh for that matter make his chocolate tasting notes. Mine lacks the creativity of describing the chocolate tastes. Perhaps I need more chocolate eating experience (hehehe), even so, I need to eat more variety of chocolates to be able to perceive their subtle nuances and differences. I am wanting myself to get hold of those dark chocolates with a high percentage of cocoa in it. But lately what I am buying and getting are those chocolates with fillings/ganache with lower cocoa on them.

But just the same with pure or lesser cocoa content on chocolates I still have to learn this art of choco tasting and describing them the way they are described below. My apology to the writer for lifting them here.

Tasting notes from the chocolate selection:
Jaffa: The chocolate is dark and very pleasant. Inside is a vibrant orange flavoured ganache which jumps out and sings, and then just melts gracefully away. The chocolate and the ganache are not excessively sweet. This is a delightful modern take on the classic Australian Jaffa confectionery.
Dark Swiss Rock: The label in the shop gave the game away, but we didn’t go back and read it until after. This is a mix of caramelised slivered almonds mixed with dark Belgian chocolate. Of course, we had to figure this out because of not reading the label beforehand. This has a fantastic texture: the almonds cry out with flavour, and have a wonderful crunch. We’d guessed roasting or coating the almonds in toffee, and were pretty much right. Great flavour, the best chocolate with almond I’ve ever tried.
Opal finger Lime: The hard shell, looking like a speckled bird egg, is mainly for appearance. The dark chocolate of the shell does grow and enhance the flavour, but the ganache inside is where the magic lies. This starts with a rich chocolaty aroma. To taste, it begins soft and richly chocolaty, then melts with a huge burst of rich intense lime flavour which goes on and on. As wine writers would say, it has great length. These contain a Finger Lime jelly. Suddenly I can see why the fuss is made of this Australian fruit. Brilliant flavour.
Raspberry Dreamer: The shell, again, looks like it is mainly for appearance. I don’t actually think this is the case, though, because the shell is a milk chocolate which melts reasonably quickly and helps change the flavour of the ganache. The ganache has an intense flavour which leaps out and grabs hold of you – then shakes you as it builds over time. It’s intense, and almost like orange in some respects. Whilst not kicking quite as hard as the finger lime, this is most impressive – many raspberry flavours have either no discernible taste, or are horrible. The label in the shop says it is a natural Raspberry puree, and the flavour proves this to be true. Just plain delicious.

Foto and quotes text source here - http://www.chocablog.com/features/mclaren-vale-and-bracegirdles-house-of-fine-chocolate/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Chocablog+%28Chocablog%29

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