Monday, July 2, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to buy local and Pinoy Chocolates

I have seen this poster a lot on facebook and I totally support this initiative. One of the things that many city dwellers are doing is patronizing those Saturday and Sunday markets that sell locally made and produced products.

And my brother who just came from abroad just did,  bought local, Pinoy made chocolates and skipped buying the usual airport duty free shop chocolates. He learned from his compatriots that it is even cheaper now to buy those airport chocolates from the big groceries instead of the duty free shops. Indeed there are more varieties of these chocolates now available at groceries than those already packed in plastic bags in the duty free shops.

Well, I wonder what will be the reaction of his kids and family members who will receive those as "pasalubong" (returning gifts). To think those chocolates he is bringing home are from the finest Filipino artisan chocolatiers, real Filipino made chocolates. As to the price some of the chocolates are a bit  expensive side but the rest are quite competitive with those European branded chocolates.

So he brought home with him chocolates made by Machiavelli, Heavenly Chocolates and Theo and Philo. I will soon find out how they liked these chocolates.  


I hope other seamen, OFWs and Filipino expats would also consider patronizing these locally made Pinoy artisan chocolates. Let us BUY Local Pinoy Chocolates! And let us apply these top 10 reasons for buying local.

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