Friday, July 13, 2012

Chocolate Cake Recipe - Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake

For our featured chocolate cake recipe is from a new found friend on the internet and she willingly agreed for me to have her cake and link appeared in this blog. My, a truffle cake, and a work of art combining at least 4 different chocolate bars to make this cake. Just by the look of it not only makes your mouth waters but such a lovely sight will make your eyes tear for sweet loveliness... 

She describes her Mrs. Mulford's Cake Blog, "This blog is designed to be shared by anyone who likes cake. Not a little cupcake but a full bodied cake that can be cut into and shared (if desired!). Most of the time you will find recipes for large cakes and new ideas that have inspired me to try something new. It's true the cupcakes have crept in so  you will find recipes for these too. In fact, I make a huge variety of cupcakes to sell but that's a different story...."

About this  Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake

On the theme of tongue twisters again this week, I think this one wins; Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake. It is a homage to three of Green and Black's cocoa products; their 70% dark chocolate bar, their cocoa powder and their white chocolate. To reflect the truffle theme; the cake is centred with a lime truffle filling. The cake is very dense almost truffle like itself and the coating is a butter only ganache. This is a very rich, intensely chocolate cake with a central tang. So you have been warned, small slices equals massive cocoa hit!

Interested about the recipe? Please go and visit her blog by clicking this link -

Thanks to Mrs. Mulford for allowing us to feature her cake here.

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