Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saint Chocolate - The Patron Saint of Chocolate

I think I was looking for some chocolate icons in one of my numerous researches about chocolate. Then I came across the work of Cosimo Cavallaro and one of the foto of his works I was able to blog here.

Then I came across a nice article about about a teacher receiving a valentine card, well for most women aside from cards Valentine's day is a time to receive chocolate and roses or a bouquet of flowers.

New York best selling author Susan Wiggs allowed me to repost here her blog with the title The patron saint of chocolate. Perhaps some of you teachers could relate to this story.

The most memorable Valentines Day card I ever received came years ago, when I was a fifth-grade teacher. I had a student whose name was Melvin, and he was what was politely known as a “challenging” child. I like to think a lot of his issues stemmed from his natural exuberance. No matter how much trouble he got into, Melvin always had that special joie de vivre that made him so much fun, even when he was disrupting the other twenty kids in the class.
One of Melvin’s biggest challenges was sitting still long enough to actually write words on paper. He wasn’t very good at it. His penmanship was awful, his spelling worse, his grammar and syntax quite…caveman-like. But he never lost heart, and one Valentine’s Day, he spent the entire morning diligently working on something secret involving a posterboard and those colored fat markers that smell like fruit. (That smell still takes me back!)
At the end of the day, when it was time for the big valentine exchange and chocolate fest, Melvin proudly presented me with the biggest card I’d ever seen. It was about 2 feet tall, 100% homemade, reeking of fruit-scented markers. Inside was a giant heart with two eyes and a huge, smiling mouth, and the inscription, “Mrs Wiggs – HAPPY VD” and it was signed, Love, Melvin. It’s the only time anyone’s ever wished me Happy VD, so I’ll always remember that.
Finally, here is something to make your Valentine’s Day rich and delicious. I found this in the magazine discard pile at the public library. It’s from something called “The Week.” Below, I’ve simplified and adapted it for 2 or 3 servings. My hips can’t take anymore than that.

And for those interested to make a Individual Chocolate Souffle Cakes - just click this link and check her recipe -

So who you consider to be the Chocolate Saint?

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