Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Curio Chocolat: Canada's Chocolate Museum

I just wish the country would have this kind of museum. Particularly, Filipinos have a tradition of drinking hot chocolate and natural love for chocolate. The post below can be found from this link - I like the idea of a Heritage Chocolate Walk.

Also the have a facebook link here -

About The Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum, A Canadian First, opened in June of 1999 and was substantially redesigned and expanded in 2009.  It is a must for all Chocoholics! Devoted to the wonder of Chocolate, it displays the history of Ganong Bros. Limited, candy makers in St. Stephen since 1873. The Museum is an indoor, unique, interactive experience.
What better way to sweeten a child's enthusiasm for history, chemistry, and economics than with chocolate! Adults delight in childhood memories and traditions that were influenced by confectionery.  With our chocolate cube benches, chocolate treats, chocolate d�cor, and our chocolate themed shoppe, you feel surrounded by chocolate!
Hand Dipping Chocolates
Visit The Chocolate Museum to see hand dipped chocolates created right before your eyes. Learn exactly why it takes 2-3 years to become a hand dipper and discover why this craft truly is considered an art.

Interactive Displays
Experience St. Stephen's 130 year association with chocolate and candy making through various displays, hands-on exhibits, and demonstrations.  Our award winning, interactive, computer program of current candy making processes makes you feel like you are actually at the factory. A humorous, educational video explains how our antique candy making machinery was used.
Try your hand at our Pack the Chocolate Box or Guess the Chocolate Center games and see how quickly and accurately you can do it!

Antique Chocolate Boxes
Ganongs made their own chocolate boxes from 1906 until the early 1970's in a division of the company called "The Home Paper Box Company".  Did you know that Ganongs were the first candy company to introduce the heart-shaped box North America in 1932 - now the symbol of Valentine's Day or that they were the first to use cellophane packaging imported from France in 1920? See many examples of boxes, spanning two world wars, that help explain the impact chocolate has had on our society not only in St. Stephen, and New Brunswick but also in Canada and North America.

"Ganong Girls"
Do you have a relative who might have worked at Ganong? Check out our listing of  Ganong Girls who worked at Ganong Bros. Limited between 1916 and 1930 and who were housed in what was once called "Elm Hall", now known as St. Stephen's University!

Heritage Chocolate Walk
To learn even more about the impact of Ganong Bros. Ltd. on the town of St. Stephen, take our The Heritage Chocolate Walk, which is offered from mid-June to September. It includes a tour of the Museum plus an outdoor walk past homes and buildings which relate to the history of the Town of St. Stephen and Ganongs. This is an experience not to be missed!

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