Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Growing Cacao Seedling


Growing Cacao Seedling , a set on Flickr.

Balcony grown cacao seedling from Aurora. So happy to see them grow from the mouldy-sprouting beans they used to be now to a majestic seedling. I plan to have these seedlings transported and replanted in Ilocos Norte. According to my brother the terroir of Ilocos is not suitable for growing cacao. Still, even for just an ornamental plant I would still want to see a cacao tree in our backyard.

Several seedlings were given away to another friend already and hope to see pods and beans that will come out of this majestic seedlings!

As to the fermented and dried beans it seems the beans I have are considered slaty - a poor fermented and dried beans. But I would still want to toast the beans and make them into tablea.

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