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C-spot reviews 65% Dark Malagos Chocolate

I am so glad to read the review of C-spot of the 65% Dark Malagos Chocolate. The review is very positive and we could definitely say that our very own Philippine chocolate can be in the league of leading chocolate brands in the market. This really should serve as an encouragement to cacao growers and the chocolatiers out there to make use of our Philippine grown cacao.

It is high time to bring back the tradition of chocolate drinking and eating. Also time to make another round of waves to revive the industry that in ancient time thrives a good deal in the country.

Let's patronize our cacao growers and farmers and our local chocolatiers making use of home grown cacao. Definitely we can prove that we can be one of the world's best chocolate makers. The time has come... to make more chocolates, for Pinoy chocophiles to rejoice!

Mabuhay Malagos Chocolates!

Davao 65%

 by Malagos
Rating 8.30
TypeSemi-Dark   (65%; Batch 03 005)
SourcePhilippines   (Davao)
FlavorFruits & Flowers   

The Philippines are back on the cacáo map starting in earnest with this bar.

Appearance   4 / 5
Color:poly-chrome... browned purple-rouge
Surface:exacting mold print with sub-surface bubbles under a broad-brushed airside
Aroma   7.1 / 10
muscular for a 65%
the Marlboro Man, very vanilla-driven, riding atop hard leather saddle with tobacco in the side bags over muddy turf
Mouthfeel   12.3 / 15
Texture:some granularity
Melt:goes to gel
Flavor   44.1 / 50
brown sugar 'n vanilla -> brown fruit -- sweet tamarind & monk fruit (luo han guo) -> soft marshmallow-mango -> florals (the obvious vanilla orchid, valerian, + whaling-waling orchid [Euanthe sanderiana], the last also grown on the estate) -> straight cacáo pulp -> pili nut fraction -> vanilla re-takes the progression thru bignay blackberry -> the melonic akebia -> cloying cocoa syrup
Quality   15.5 / 20
Another in-country play: a value-added chocolate crafted with cacáo planted, produced, processed & packaged in The Philippines.

Pinoy Chocophile review here -

About the C-spot

Mark Xian unveiled the C-spot™ at the Smithsonian in 2010, followed by its public release.
Xian earned his Ch.D while researching the chocolate underground, surveying barsmiths in some of the most far-flung places before delving into the seedy world of cacáo breeding & genetics where he was mentored by Dr. Basil Bartley (field & lab scientist at CEPEC in Brazil; author of The Genetic Diversity of Cacao & its Utilization). Owner of the private travel firm, he has been able to visit the “20/20 Zone” — that magic belt 20º north & south of the equator — in which cacáo only grows.
Xian commutes between his hometown around the Great Lakes and NYC where he moved to attend Columbia University once, & sometimes receives unsolicited bars & boxed assortments on his doorstep; so much so that he has to share or even give some of it away to family, friends & neighbors… a few of whom have been known to call in the middle of the night asking “Hey Mark, got any more of that stuff?”
Since then he has appeared on radio & TV, in magazine & newspaper interviews, spoken at conferences & shows such as the Northwest Chocolate Festival, & consulted for various projects including the World Bank’s COCOA-RAAN initiative in Nicaragua. In 2013, Xian was named the Director of the HCP Fund (Heirloom Cacao Preservation).

Tons have gone into building the C-spot; much more is in the works…

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