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Malagos Chocolate is here!

Malagos Chocolate, a set on Flickr.

For pinoychocophiles the highlight of the WOFEX 2013 is the exhibit and booth of Malagos Chocolate! Philippines' first dark chocolate with an origin from Malagos, Davao, Philippines. That's from tree-to-bar (grown and processed in the country) and 65% Dark Chocolate.

I was fortunate to finally meet Mr. Rex Puentespina, CEO of Malagos Chocolate who gave me their 65% Dark Chocolate Malagos Chocolate Bar and a pack of premium unsweetened chocolate to review. I first came across him last May 2012 at the, an online forum of/for chocolatiers and chocophiles run by Clay Gordon.

So here is my review of the the 65% Dark Chocolate Malagos Chocolate Bar:

Cautiously removing the seal, the sight of the bar is neither too shiny nor dull but possessing a regular sheen of a good tempered chocolate. It has an earthy aroma (hint of vanilla) like the freshness of a paradise that is Malagos Garden, home of the waling-waling and the mighty Philippine Eagle.

The chocolate bar's snap was good and easy to break (with the warm room temperature, it was already becoming soft when I opened it). Upon touching the palate the initial and very distinguished flavor is that of  the sweetness of sugar cane. Then it turns creamy bitter but balanced by sweetness that gives the final taste of a thick and bold blend of bitter and sweet accented by a floral and fruity flavor. It seems the chocolate is really meant for the sweet tooth of its Filipino market. Compared to other dark chocolates, this 65% Malagos Dark Chocolate will definitely be the chocolate of choice for those wanting to transition from white to dark chocolate.

Malagos to me is synonymous to the Philippine Eagle (famed as the monkey-eating eagle). Pag-asa was then the first and well known eagle that was bred in captivity at that time. Also, Malagos means home of orchids or waling-waling of different varieties abundant and cultured in Malagos Garden. My experience reviewing the 65% Malagos Dark Chocolate was that of a nostalgia of a beautiful experience living and working in Davao City in the late 90's and that trip to Malagos Garden.

The pioneering Puentespina family is once again putting Malagos, Davao City, and the Philippines in the global map with their 65% Malagos Dark Chocolate, their 20 has. of cacao plantation, and their fermentation facilities and technology. I hope that their venture will be like the blooming of beautiful waling-waling in their garden and the thriving of  the mighty eagles in captivity at the foothills of Mt. Talomo.  So that what used to be a thriving chocolate industry in ancient time will once again be resurrected and revived.

Signs are now showing that what thought to be a dying Philippine chocolate industry is after all regaining back its vigor and vitality. Thanks to the effort of the Puentespina's. And only then will pinoychocophiles, will truly say Tsokolate, more yummy and fun in the Philippines!

Mabuhay Malagos Chocolate!

Watch out for the review of their premium unsweetened chocolate.

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