Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chocolate Snob's Chocolate Journal

I got a permission from Rachel Rifat, owner of  the blog Chocolate Snob with link to re-blog some snippets of her entries. Scanning through the blog, it was started in 2006 and the last entry was December of 2010.

The review for most of the chocolates she tasted is terse. As opposed to my plan of doing my reviews of associating  childhood and or recent past memories with what the bar evoked while tasting it. So up until now my reviews are in my chocolate journals and have not seen the light of being published here in this blog.

But what I find interesting is Ms. Rifat's chocolate journal (scrapbook or album) of those chocolates she reviewed. Her handwritten notes of the chocolate bars she reviewed are then posted on her blog with the photo of the chocolate bar's wrapper. I have plans to do the same but up until now the chocolate wrappers remain stock up in a box awaiting to be put in an album.

( The photos are owned/copyrights of Rachel Rifta

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