Monday, August 20, 2012

Chocolate - Good or Bad for your health!

I've seen videos and read several articles extolling the benefit of chocolates especially dark chocolates. So I came to wonder about the article below which I quote:

So far, manufacturer-sponsored trials looking into the benefits of chocolate have been small -- with fewer than 100 volunteers -- and, like the new one on cognitive benefits, didn’t involve a placebo substance to see whether chocolate really has as big a health benefit as all of us chocolate lovers would like to believe it does.
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 I agree that consumers should be more wary of those chocolates being promoted by manufacturer as healthy chocolates. Chocolate lovers should be more careful in distinguishing those claims. Although I have yet to see such claim written in a chocolate bar that the company's chocolate is such. But as a chocophile who now enjoys dark chocolate, I am keen on eating and tasting more those dark ones, until I find the divinest of them all chocolates!

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