Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Triple Crown of a Single Origin Cacao

This video is an interesting backgrounder for single origin cacao


Notes about the video

In this video Ray Major of Scharffenberger is interviewed by Daily Meal Video on his explanation of single origin cacao. An interesting point he mentioned is the triple crown of a single origin, it includes

1) terroir - that has to do with geography/place and climate where cacao is cultivated

2) post harvest - the process for which cacao are dried, fermented and roasted

3) noble genetics - variety which the cacao belongs to

Single origin distinguishes the particular taste of chocolate with other chocolates with their unique taste. The unique taste of the cacao is said to be its heart and soul. Although in many cases cacao are blended with other varieties to produced the desired taste of chocolate makers, so the unique taste of a single origin become mixed with other cacao. Also, the darker the chocolate the more the unique taste of chocolate comes out.

And for that reason I am beginning to like more dark chocolates. Although, sweet tooth I am I still adore the sweetness of milk and white chocolate but now I also like them to have other flavors like tea, fruits, flowers and the like.    

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