Monday, June 4, 2012

Tablea, tsokolate drink

I came across this nice blog entry ( of Ms. Maritel Riego Ledesma who blog about her  beloved hometown Silay, once called "Paris of Negros". I requested permission from her for me to quote and link her blog entry here.

Her personal account of tablea evokes memory of the past. Chocolate whether cake, drink,  or bar always resonates with those beautiful childhood memories. I have read lots of stories of chocolate associated with the joy of childhood.

Technology have brought instant chocolate drink to the new generation. But for the older generation the pleasant aroma of chocolate being prepared for breakfast, for merienda (snacks) or to comfort a sick or a kid in tantrums brings nostalgia of the past. Those days food or drinks are prepared laboriously, meticulously and with a lot of love. Unlike today food are made instantaneously, always on the go.

Here are quotes from the blog:
An afternoon merienda staple in my grandparent's house was tsokolate and bizcocho principe.  The tsokolate is made from cacao round tablets (tablea) and fresh cow's milk, although now-a-days because it is hard to get cow's milk, we use Alpine full cream milk instead, which is a close substitute in taste.

To this day, we cook our tsokolate in the same way as my grandmother's cook, Culing did...pure unadulterated tsokolate! We would have it during breakfast, poring it over our rice, or afternoon merienda together with suman, toasted pinipig, but the best for me was bizcocho principe...the original Silay version...and it is not the sweet kind of biscocho with sugar and baked butter on top or the ones that taste like toasted sponge cake sold in Bacolod and Iloilo.  The bizcocho principe I grew up on was a crunchy, mildly flavored, breadlike slice that literally melts in your mouth. 

More read about tablea here -


  1. yummy!! now i'm craving for some :D

  2. hehehe, tamang-tama, the weather is good for drinking hot tablea tsokolate...

  3. I'm craving for a hot chocolate drink right now. I'll try to find some chocolate tablea.

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