Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shawn Stevenson: How Chocolate Can Save The World

The comments and exchanges on the you tube link of Shawn's presentation are interesting and informative. Follow the link here -


Interesting notes from the video

 1) The Aztecs knew something special about cacao and scientific research is finding those benefit of eating chocolate. Cocoa used to be considered by Aztecs as a medicine.

2) Food is information to the body and our health it dictates what diseases and illness we will have:

You are what you eat

3) Do not just take from the environment but also invest to it, invest to local farmers market/produce, invest in indigenous culture.

4) When a line is missing - so much repercussion could happen -  EAT - FAT

The story/history of chocolate was made as a background and illustration of the beauty of eating naturally (not synthetic/artificial/denatured)  that serves as medicine aside from its sustenance. It also highlights human beings connectedness with the environment.  

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