Friday, September 7, 2012

Photos of the Chocolate Festival 2012

Thanks to my chocolate sponsor for the opportunity to splurge and shop at the Chocolate Festival 2012. I purchased a box of Risa Chocolates truffles (that got melted  when I arrived home) and pralines, and another box of truffles and pralines of Chef Laudico of Patisserie Filipino, dark chocolate bars from Marks and Spencers (Peruvian, Madagascar and Equador), slices of tablea cake by ChocoATBP ( also, I was able to taste different flavors of their tablea drink - chili and cream), cupcakes by Baked by Anita and got a cute chocolate plastic pencil case. I am planning to go back on Sunday for the chocolate buffet and chocolate making demo.

Finally, I got to meet the folks of Risa Chocolates. I created a pinterest board here - now I have more of their chocolates to add to the board. They got the most prominent space occupying the entrance of the chocolate festival.

However, instead of expecting chocolate bars, I came across several pastry and bakeshops producing chocolate cakes including truffles and pralines.

 One of the most interesting personalities that I came across was Mr. Zoilo Andin, Jr. who owns the Filcomfort Foods, Inc., and ChocoATBP. I had a nice chat with re cacao growing in the country and the Department of Agricultures plan. I will be learning more about from him re cacao farming here in the country. I got to try his tablea hot choco with cream and with chili both are good drinks.

Risa Chocolates

Patisserie Filipino by Chef Jacqueline Laudico



Baked by Anita   
I tried several of their pastries

  Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake 
made of Valrhona: stuffed with dark chocolate truffle 
crowned with choc mousse and drizzle of choc sauce

Chocolate Ice Cream Stand
(Forgot the Italian brand/name and I was not able to taste this)

(A bit pricey pastries)

The Crukitchen

(I was not able to try this choco spoon, look interesting)

Russian Cookie House

A centerpiece display close by the stage made by  
Sugar Paste Sweets and Pastries.

It was my first time to encounter Marks and Spencer lines of chocolates.  
I got several of the dark chocolates which I will review and blog next time.

Anything-Chocolate-Brown Knick-knacks

 I got one of those dark colored pencil cases.

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  1. wow what an elegant display of assorted chocolates. i love the way he prepared his chocolates as he is using traditional tools.


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