Friday, July 4, 2014

July 7 is Chocolate Day - Chocolate Infographics

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Infographic: What science says about chocolate

To celebrate Chocolate Day July 7, here are six things that may surprise you about chocolate

Chocoholics have always argued that chocolate is good for the soul and psyche. Studies in Elsevier's scientific journals show that it can also be good for a lot of other things including our libido, blood pressure and coughs. It may even help prevent wrinkles.
In honor of Chocolate Day on Monday, July 7, Elsevier colleagues have prepared this infographic, followed by a list of "six things science says about chocolate."
Of course, many chocolate treats are laden with sugar and fats, so before you indulge, you may want to check out the actual studies here. (No science we could find justifies eating a steady diet of bonbons or downing a half liter tub of chocolate ice cream at one sitting.) 
But in moderation ... bon appetite!

Infographic: What science says about chocolate

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