Sunday, April 27, 2014

Guide to Chocolate by MyChocolate

Thank you Mr. Edwards, Maraming salamat po, for the offer to feature your infographics. Below is an excerpt of his letter to me:

Good Morning,

My name is James Edwards and I work with MyChocolate; a specialist provider of chocolate making workshops in London.

I’m excited to tell you about a fun infographic we’ve just created which acts as a ‘Guide to Chocolate’!  It’s packed with interesting facts and statistics all about the history of this delightful food, the varied characteristics of the cocoa bean and the lesser known health benefits it holds.

Given the nature of your site, I thought that your readership would really like to have a look at it as well, so I’m offering it to you to use totally free of charge.

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards, 

A Guide to Chocolate InfographicProvided by MyChocolate

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